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For all comments & questions regarding Pets West or Pets West Express please contact:

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1 Common Questions
1.1 Will you add more items?

Yes. If you would like to suggest an item be placed online, contact:

1.2 My product is not listed on website, do you have additional stock within your store?

Yes. Pets West carries thousands of products and continues to add items to our online store. If you have a need, please contact us and ask for an item to be included online. 

1.3 Do you deliver for free?

YES, we deliver at no charge for orders of $50.00 or more. Please check our delivery map for locations we serve.

1.4 Will you deliver outside of your delivery area?

If you are not located within our delivery area, please contact Pets West regarding extended area delivery requests.

1.5 Do you take PayPal or Apple Pay?

Not at this time. 

1.6 Do you deliver frozen foods?

Yes. Frozen products are transferred in dry ice and delivered frozen. 

1.7 Product image does not exactly match description, which is correct?

Manufacturers constantly update labels, quantity, description and ingredients. Often times products are released without updated photos. Always use description as exact representation and not image. For any questions, please contact us. 

1.8 Is my information secure?

Pets West & treat your information like it was our personal information. We do not sell, share or store any of your information unless you request that we do so. We will not use your e-mail / phone number for marketing unless you request that we do. If you do sign-up for our newsletter, you may opt out at any time. Online and in-store transactions are made over a secure network and our transaction / banking partners use the highest available level of digital security. If at any time we are notified by our staff, bank, transaction provider that a breech is possible, we will directly contact you immediately using whatever means of contact you may have provided. 

Policy Updated 4/6/2018

1.9 Do you have a physical store location?

YES, our store has 10,000 square feet of food, supplies & accessories. We have an indoor training facility and rehabilitation/conditioning center as well as a fully supplied self-service dog wash. We are located at 102 Bearcat Road in Aledo, Texas, west of Fort Worth off Interstate 20. 

1.10 If I make a mistake in my online order, who can I contact?
1.11 If I change my mind after I order, can I cancel the order?

If you make a mistake on your order, contact the store either by phone or e-mail by 9am the following day. 

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